What do we do


In Musikorta we make records, models, dubs or any other type of recording We can deliver the tracks on a hard drive.


We can make the mixes of the tracks that you bring us or the recordings made here, in analogue or digital format.


We can also give that last touch to your recordings, in analog or digital format.

Studio rental

We can also rent the studio without a technician, in case you fix yourself. So you can work at your leisure and make your recordings, mixes or productions.

Audio consulting

If you have any questions regarding your audio installation, get in touch with us and we will help you. Without obligation.


We make voices of all kinds. We have our own sound equipment, for small and medium soundings. Special equipment for situations in which intelligibility is paramount. Consult us without obligation.


You can stay in our house the time you spend in the studio. Also, if you wish, we can offer you breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Here you can see our rooms and equipment.

Here you can see the characteristics of our sound equipment.

Here you can see the prices of our study. They are always negotiable.

Here you can see the prices and characteristics of our accommodations and meals.